Cost Per Open (CPO) Email Marketing

Cost Per Open (CPO) Email Marketing
Cost per Open (CPO) Model

What is cost per open (CPO) Model

CPO (cost per open) is the amount of money the advertiser is willing to pay per email opened or read by the recipient. Keep in mind that CostperOpen only counts Unique Opens for performance measurements and billing. The CPO is cost effective email marketing solution since you do not have to worry about the other factor.

It is similar kind of advertisement when you pay some like Google absence or Facebook post engagement to divert the traffic in to you website but you are doing this via email marketing and with a cost effective manner off-course.

Why Open Rates of emails campaign so important?

A higher email open rate means more number of emails being opened by the audiences. Open rates are an important measurement metrics to understand the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign. Since you only have to pay each sent email.

Cost per Open Campaign model Vs Cost per Email model

Our Cost per Open campaign model is preferred by most clients who have already used the Cost per Email campaign models in the past and now want to expand their service or product marketing across a targeted group of prospective audiences with cost effective manner.

Unlike the Cost per Email models where clients pay the cost per sent emails, the Cost per Open lets client pay the cost as per the number of opens. We did the survey and ask for the feedback from the clients about their expected opens and then finalize an agreement depicting the total cost. We start the emails campaigns across the specific set of targeted consumer database to achieve the best results.

What is Cost per Email Model?

Cost per Email models where you have to pay for the each sent emails irrespective of what is delivered to your users or how many emails they opened or read.

Cost per Open Model – How it works?

As described above that you have to pay only for the open emails.
We have created our own flow chart to demonstrate that how cost per open works.


You can watch this following video for the details information.


Why should you go for the Cost per Open model?

  • Quality over Quantity
    Instead of sending multiples emails or large number of email volume, you should have to send emails based on the fact how many actually reach to the customer’s INBOX.
  • Pricing:
    Pricing is the most important factor to determine what model should you choose for your email marketing:
  • Targeting:
    The Cost per Open email marketing model gives brands the confidence to run more advanced campaigns by setting more targeted goals. For example, based upon the number of opens coming from a particular geography; brands can target those particular geographies with more concentrated approach and more attractive campaigns.